Posted by: mcweaver | June 28, 2011

6/26/11 – Naches, WA

It was a fun-filled weekend for the McWeavers. Friday night we were honored to attend the beautiful and intimate wedding of our friends Jay and Melissa. It was held in downtown Seattle at Hotel 1000. Plenty of friends, family, and laughter made it a great celebration.

Saturday morning we packed up the car and headed for Naches, WA to attend the baptism of Jace and Trey. The weather was stunning and the drive over was just gorgeous. Stephanie’s parents, Ron and Marcia, hosted us at their beautiful ranch home and we enjoyed all it had to offer. We ran out into the field to greet the new ponies, we rode the RTV and really enjoyed the peace and quiet. Both the boys were on their best behavior for the baptism ceremony and made us all proud.

Finally Sunday, we raced back to Seattle in time for a 2-1 Sounders victory. What a weekend indeed!


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