Posted by: mcweaver | July 17, 2011

7/4/11 – Elvis Beta IV

It is time to celebrate America’s birthday and that can only mean one thing…the Annual Elvis Beta Kubb Tournament on San Juan Island! Friday afternoon, Amy, Todd, Copper and I piled into Todd’s car packed to the gills with food, tents, pillows, and dog treats.

We made great time and were some of the first in line for our 4:45 boat direct to Friday Harbor. We enjoyed some time on the beach with toasted bagels before the boat arrived. In passage we ran into Ethan and got to meet his lovely girlfriend Liz with whom we instantly fell in love. We arrived at Jack and Heidi’s just in time for delicious pizza to be coming out of the oven. There was much catching up and a few practice games of Kubb before bed.

The next day the tournament began in earnest. It was a strong field of players this year. The rebuilt Åsa stadium was in excellent condition and the weather was absolutely perfect. Jesse Snyder treated us to delicious pulled pork that he roasted all day long. Everyone enjoyed taking turns playing their matches, score keeping, spectating, kayaking on the lake, and soaking up the sun. The day ended with a rousing demonstration of Jack’s favorite pastime, birdball. This “sport” includes using a dog chuck-it to hurl moldy limes at a dead snag tree in an attempt to get the lime into a woodpecker hole. Everyone took turns hurling limes, falling down, and laughing hysterically.

Sunday the tournament came to its climatic ending with Ethan beating me soundly in the final match. The tournament was filled with upsets and great matches. Elvis Beta would have been very proud. That night we had a special treat as our good friends Laura and Dave happened to be camping just across the lake! They made the short hike to come visit and hang out for the night. We introduced them to Kubb and enjoyed a fire and s’mores.

Monday we had more excitement as Marc McEchran and his family joined us on the island along with his new fiancée Jamie! It was so good to see Gracie, Josten and Clara. They are growing quickly and are all flourishing. It was our first opportunity to meet Jamie and her parents and they are very kind people. We are so thankful that Marc has found companionship, he truly deserves it. After another fun-filled day we made the slow trek back to the ferry and the long journey home. All of us were exhausted (none more so than Copper) and were so happy to be back in our own beds after a wonderful weekend of family.



  1. “…Elvis Beta would have been proud.”
    Except of course that he was in the fifteenth percentile for CHICKENS.

  2. Another great tourney, indeed! Many thanks again — and even more thanks for tiring my pooch out so!

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