Posted by: mcweaver | October 4, 2011

8-1-11 Weaver Family Reunion 2011

Well, Fall is officially here and we haven’t even finished updating Summer! Uh oh. If we don’t get this blog updated before the baby gets here there might be a riot! So off we go!

Two years ago the Judy and Strode Weaver family tree gathered in San Diego for a mini-reunion. At the time we decided if we could do it every other year that would be fantastic. Well guess what? Early August we were off to meet up with the fam once more. The Houghtons from Des Moines; Units from Denver; Matt, Jannelle, Camille, Amy and I from Seattle; all joined up in Gerhart, OR. A cool little town just north of Seaside. Mom found a great house rental plenty big for our mob and we enjoyed incredible weather all week long.

Highlights included:

  • Playing/relaxing on the beach
  • Kubb in the yard
  • Flying kites
  • The Seaside Aquarium
  • Day trip to the Portland Zoo
  • Tillamook Cheese Factory
  • The Nike Employee Store
  • Puzzle making
  • Lots of hugs and laughter

It was just wonderful to reconnect with family. See you all again in 2 years!



  1. Perfect week!

  2. It was indeed a perfect with our wonderful family!

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